Robbin Rawlings


Robbin Rawlings is an inspired artist who owes her whimsical and upbeat style of painting to the world around her. She was born in the Southeast where the warmth of both the people and her surroundings nurtured her artistic talent.

We met Robbin at the 2004 Stationery Show and knew immediately that we wanted to pursue a working relationship. Her designs were fun, fresh, and different. She was exactly what Crown Point needed and we were excited about adding her artwork to our line.

Over the years Robbin has shown us that she works fast and can deliver exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to the newest styles. We trust Robbin’s judgment because she studies the market and always gives us her version of the hottest trends, making her designs very popular with our customers. We’ve approached her several times with special projects and she’s been willing to dialogue about revisions until we are both happy with the finished product.

Robbin is warm and friendly, fun to work with and always happy to help. We are happy that she is a part of the CPG family!



She studied painting at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL then earned a degree in Communication Design at Parsons School of Design in Florida for more than a decade before returning to her first love – painting – where her sophisticated use of color and whimsical style is fully expressed.

Robbin now lives with her husband and daughter in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains overlooking Boulder, Colorado. She works from her home studio – a place she calls “the glass box on the hill”. There she has a full view of incredible mountain beauty, her garden, her quizzical cat and the wildlife that visit her daily.

It is this enchanting and ever-changing environment that inspires her upbeat and exuberant style of painting that she gratefully shares with the world.

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