Featured Artist Lori Nawyn

Amy Medhurst from Crown Point Graphics sits down with Lori Nawyn to discuss her work.

Lori developed an interest in becoming an artist in the fifth grade. She admits she was an obnoxious kid and a writing assignment for class shifted her perspective. She wrote the assignment on friendship, envisioning what the world would be like if her arch nemesis Becky was a friend instead. That paper put Lori on the path to becoming an artist and earned her the respect of her classmates. Hear how the power of one educational assignment transformed Lori's perspective and world. Lori Nawyn on becoming an artist.

Lori's husband is a firefighter and Lori discusses how he uses her art to help traumatized children. Her daughter gave up a promising career as a musician to follow in her father's footsteps. Lori on family inspiration.

Lori operates a cute shop known as Huckleberry Moose. As a self taught artist Lori wasn't always confident in her ability. She started her career as a writer working for a newspaper, but the art kept calling. Her big break came when she illustrated the book Love, Hugs and Hope: When Scary Things Happen the response she received while on book tour convinced her that she could make a difference with her art. Lori on her cute shop Huckleberry Moose and being asked to illustrate Love, Hugs and Hope 

Lori recently upgraded her studio from a cold air detached to a cozy room in her home. You can hear about her studio and the friendly take over of a warmer local.

Lori's grandfather HL Wiese was a builder of snow planes and big inspiration to her on the power of persistence. Creativity and her grandfather H.L. Wiese

After years of being independent Lori discusses being now represented by art licensor Suzanne Cruse

Lori's loves greeting cards and that is where she started. Remembering how her grandmother received cards from her sister and watching how it brought joy to her grandmother, brightening her day. Lori brings a lot of family memories to her art that ends up connecting people to her art. Her grandmother brought a treadle sewing machine from Denmark and a lot of Lori's art features that sewing machine.

Abbie and Jack is based on her independent granddaughter whose adventurous spirit inspires the aviatrix character Abbie and Jack is based on her mother-in-law's Jack Russell terrier. Abbie and Jack

Finally one of Lori's favorite professional highlights is the Sandy Hook book and how art can be used as a catalyst for processing feelings and the power of love and light over darkness. Closing remarks

Lori thank you for sitting down with us

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