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Meet Gina Jane, product designer, typography wizard painting genius and goat whisperer. We caught up with Gina Jane the other day and she was gracious to sit down with us for a Covid friendly interview with our own Amy Medhurst. She let us know how she got into the industry, some adventures along the way and what she is up to these days.

What an amazing woman, artist, and adventurer. We are excited to launching our new puzzle line with Gina Jane art.  Sunnyside Flower Market


Gina Jane got her start selling painted woodcraft at a show in San Francisco that led her to her first business, a decorative woodcraft business named: Wooden You Like It.  Gina Jane designed patterns, established a woodworking shop in her garage, and sold her designs at exclusive boutiques in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Later while her family struggled to support their roofing business, Gina Jane's son Ryan at the wise age of 4 prods her to enter the licensing market. Gina Jane's first studio consisted of a casserole dish, twinkle lights and a sharpie on a card table. From this she launched her business empire. Better than any computer in a garage story.  Listen to her story here

From her start with Commotion Rubber Stamps we get to hear her tale about how Snow Family, one of her perennial favorites, was created during her adventure with her children while surviving the first week in a new home without water, power, phone, heat or car in the midst of the high desert.  Listen to Snow Family here

Like everyone we all have aspirations, sometimes it takes a change of perspective to make us realize that failing to win the blue ribbon doesn't define our success. Gina Jane discusses how she really wanted to have her art recognized by a local museum and how her perspective changed.  Changing Perspective

Like every artist Gina Jane seeks inspiration from somewhere. She has narrowed her passion focusing on puzzles and what makes for good designs.  On Inspiration

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