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Cindy Jacobs

Interview with Cindy Jacobs

Cindy Jacobs is one of the amazing artists we work with. Her works grace many of our every day and Christmas cards. Amy Medhurst sits down with Cindy to discuss her work, her grandchildren and her journey.




Cindy discusses with Amy when she first knew she wanted to be an artist, from her kindergarten report card where she excelled at coloring and other teachers who inspired her to making barn wood signs as a teenager.   As a grandmother of 8 she continues to pass along her passion with her grandchildren. Listen to her fun description of her family divisions between the Smarties and the Arties.


How it Started

Cindy discusses how a friend of hers helped her get a start. From a small operation on the farm to full time businesswoman manufacturing and running stores, she decides to pull back and and create pretty things which is more enjoyable than doing math. Amy commiserates that yes indeed  "Math is hard" .




Cindy's Influence

Cindy talks about the tremendous influence her aunt had in her life, from art to museums to history. Cindy's aunt was a always an oasis for her nieces and nephews.


Creative Process


Cindy enjoys the creative process and is constantly inspired creating wherever she is at moment. She follows her inspiration and defines her style as a detailed, controlled form of watercolors. Cindy describes her artwork, creative process and answers the eternal artist question of "How do you know when you are done?"







Cindy believes that partnering up with Penny Lane was one of her best professional decisions she discusses her move from being a manufacturer to doing what she loves, creating art. Amy and Cindy finish out discussing Cindy's side adventure in flipping houses. Thank you Cindy for a great interview.