Ellen Crimi-Trent


Ellen Crimi-Trent is a Massachusetts- based fine artist and designer, most known for her years of designing several lifestyle brands for the home, gift, and children's markets. Her work is a balance of color, composition and gesture using all types of mediums. Years of playing with watercolors, gouche, acrylics, oils and pastels have given her work depth and richness.

With a sketchbook always at arms distance Ellen is always dreaming up new collections for her clients and collectors. There is an ever abundant stream of influences in her work from her family, travel and surroundings.

Ellen recently sat down with Amy Medurst to discuss her work, how she finds inspiration and what she is up to these days.

Ellen's work is featured on Crown Point Graphics Christmas and Everyday cards.



From day 1 Ellen has always gravitated towards art and making things. Her passion started around age 5 and has continued ever since. An amazing artist who loves color, patterns and style. Amy and Ellen discuss how she became interested in art and other talented people in her family. Watch here

We love Ellen's work and she has appeared on various greeting and Christmas cards over the years. We asked Ellen what artists and art inspires her.

Ellen wanted to be a children's book illustrator when she was in college. She was inspired at the time by artists like  Lane Smith  who was famous for this type of work. Who could forget the "Stinky Cheese Man". Later she gravitated towards WPA artists such as James Koenig and  Jackson Pollock  and their stories. Ellen loves works that make great use of color, style and patterns. Overall Ellen appreciates expressionism. She is also inspired by        Jean-Michel Basquiat  and his works talking about one of his shows that she attended.  Watch here

Ellen has a great story on how she became involved in art licensing. She was discovered at the Stationery Show and ended up in Christmas of 2000 being featured in Target. From that point on her career and fame were launched. These days Ellen maintains a very active social media presence with 51,000 Instagram and 65,000 YouTube followers. Ellen discusses how she approaches creating content with Amy.   Watch Here

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