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Who Are We?

Crown Point Graphics is a publisher of social expression products under a family of brand names. We offer greeting cards, Christmas cards, puzzlesstationery, bookmarks and other products under the brands of Crown Point Graphics, Crown Point Stationery, That's Life, Driftwood Designs, Shared Blessings, Hamilton Creek Stationery, HighStreet Stationery, Montage Stationery and private label.

You can find our brands in retailers across the United States and online. We are known for our boxed greeting and Christmas cards featuring fantastic art and designs that delight and entertain. Whether you are seeking faith-based cards or something more whimsical, look for brands from Crown Point Graphics.

What Do We Do?

We work with retail partners to create curated collections that meet customers tastes and preferences. Instead of the traditional method of selecting pre-produced product for your stores out of a catalog, our sales staff will go over our art collection featuring 1000's of unique and creative designs from 100's of artists. Whether your customer prefers coastal or religious, heartland or humorous, our team actively seeks out trend forward art to ensure we are keeping our brands in tune with ever changing consumer tastes. Working with you to understand your customer we will then create a collection for your stores each season, from simple ink on paper cards to feature rich product with 3D elements and fully decorated.

We can even create unique packaging for you with our private branding services.